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Naturaleza Indómita

Mascaró, Wild Nature

“We are simple spectators of the great show of nature that takes place in Mas Miquel every year. We make our best so that you can enjoy this great event in every bottle of Cava Mascaró.”

Viñedos Mascaró Naturaleza Indómita


We are mere spectators of a spectacle that occurs every year. The cycle of the earth and life in the small vineyard gardens of our forests. We are attentive to every change, the sun, the wind, the humidity, the smells that the earth gives off, how life develops or how the small river that crosses our farm flows. All this to accompany the progress of our vines knowing the great privilege that has been granted to us.

La tierra de Mascaró Naturaleza Indómita
Mascaró Naturaleza Indómita abeja en flor


We carefully observe the signals that the Mas Miquel forest sends us. How the honeycombs of bees, the butterflies, or the foliage of the brambles that surround the vineyards develop. All this works as a barometer measuring the quality of life in each of our places.

“We are spectators of the spectacle of life in Mas Miquel. Our mission is to carry out the best interpretation possible of what wild nature offers us.”


Time is to cavas what fire is to cooking. The perfect management of this valuable resource makes the difference when attention is paid to every detail.

Time, to respect our vineyard’s cycles of life. Pruning at the right time, observe the cry of the sap when the vine comes back to life in spring. The first flower buds, leaves, and tendrils.

Time, which we take to manage the work on the vines at the right time when we must intervene.

Time to harvest by hand, with love and paying attention to every detail, choosing each bunch of grapes based on their level of ripeness and healthiness.

Time to carry out progressive grape pressing, obtaining the flower must, the only one we use to obtain the Mascaró Cavas.

Time to turn the must into a great wine, allowing the yeasts to work at a low temperature, metabolizing the sugars slowly.

Time to give each Cava its crucial aging in the quiet and darkness of our underground galleries.

“Each bottle of Cava Mascaró testifies the effort, labor, and love for the land we feel, the pride in the results obtained and the privilege that you tasting a bottle of Cava Mascaró means to us.”